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Vincent Kurz Family

Henry Kurz Collection

Vincent Kurz

1880 - 1953

Parents of Vincent Kurz:

Peter Joseph Kurz
Born: November 2, 1820 in Scharen, Kr. Kastellaun Rheinland 
Married: January 27, 1856 in Green Bay, Brown County, Wisconsin Died: October 1, 1898 in Town of How, Oconto County, Wisconsin

Katherine Bibelhausen - wife
Born: November 25, 1835 in Valwig, Kr. Kastellaun Rheinland 
Died: Jan 22, 1915 in Ladysmith, Rusk County, Wisconsin

Vincent Kurz - son
Born: July 18, 1880 in Belle Plaine, Shawano County, Wisconsin 
Died: September 01, 1953 in Ladysmith, Rusk County, Wisconsin


Henry Kurz

Mary Ferm

Vincent was born on the Peter Joseph and Katherine Bibelhausen Kurz family farm in Belle Plaine, Shawano County, Wisconsin. He was the youngest of 10 children and at the time of his birth on July 18, 1880, the three oldest children were already on their own. His mother was 45 years old and his father was 60. For the next 18 years Vincent grew up among a large number of close extended Bibelhausen family members.

The Kurz Family lived in Shawano County and were descended from Vincent's maternal grandparents, John and Katherine Kenali Bibelhausen, pioneer settlers to Pine Grove, De Pere in Brown County, Territory of Wisconsin in 1844. These grandparents then became pioneers again when they sold their first farm and homesteaded in Shawano County in 1852. His older brothers, Joe and John were homesteading in the wilderness that has become Warren, Minnesota. Older sister Katherine had married and was living in Bismarck, North Dakota. Despite the distances, family members kept in touch and sent photographs with letters to each other frequently. These were carefully saved in each family branch for over 120 years. In later years several members, including Vincent took trips across country to visit with each other.

Above: 1880 Federal Census page for Belle Plaine, Shawano County, Wisconsin, showing the Peter Joseph Kurz family living on the family farm in June 1880. One month later son Vincent joined them.

Rita Neustifter Collection


At the age of 78, in October 1898, Peter Sr. collapsed while in the fields. He was taken to the house but soon passed away. Vincent was then 18 years old. In the next few years his widowed mother sold the Shawano farm. Catherine and herthree youngest children moved into the city of Shawano where Henry took a factory job for a year to support the family. The four and moved to Ladysmith. Vincent was 22 years old at that time, in 1902. There, both sons worked in retail grocery and meats, eventually buying the market store on 107 East Miner Street.


Ladysmith Kurz Brothers Meats and Groceries

Vincent and Henry owned the store and had this two story brick market built in 1912 on Miner street. The building stood until it was destroyed by the tornado
that damaged much of downtown Ladysmith in August 1999. There were no injuries despite the massive village devistation. 

Mary Ferm Collection Ron Kurz Collection


Ladysmith Home

Vincent, sitting on the right, relaxes with brother Henry, sister Josephine and mother Catherine Kurz 1905
Ron Kurz Collection


Vincent Kurz sits second from right with the Ladysmith Volunteer Fire Department Track Team.

Competitive and athletic, Vincent was popular with people in his new hometown. He excelled, first in track as a volunteer fireman in tournaments, and later in baseball. In his youth he played baseball as second baseman and later managed the local team for 17 years. He was always an avid sports fan.

Rita Neustifter Collection

Vincent was an outstanding Ladysmith athlete, at first participating in the many Regional Volunteer Firemen's' Track and Field Tournaments. It was all the rage at the turn of the century and very popular with the locals. The ladies eagerly cheered them on, and the young boys tried to emulate them. Adult men of all ages watched in excited anticipation of the outcome, sometimes enhanced by a private wager or two on their favorite. These were the heroes of their day, before WWI. Above is a photograph of the Rice Lake (Northwestern Wisconsin) and Horicon (Southeastern Wisconsin) teams at the Volunteer Firemen's Tournament Regional Finals held in Ladysmith June 23, 24, 25 of 1909. The Kurz family lived there at this time. Vincent participated in baseball.


Wedding portrait of Vincent Kurz and Margaret Prausa

Henry Kurz Collection


1930 Federal Census for Ladysmith, Rusk County, Wisconsin 
showing the Vincent Kurz family.

Rita Neustifter Collection
                                                                Descendants of Vincent Kurz

                                           Vincent Kurz of Shawano and Ladysmith, Wisconsin
                                              Born: July 18, 1880 in Belle Plaine, Shawano County, Wisconsin 
                                              Died: September 01, 1953 in Ladysmith, Rusk County, Wisconsin
                                             + Margaret Sophia Prausa Milladore, Wisconsin 
                                              Father: Joseph Prausa born 1847 in Bohemia
                                              Mother: Margaretha born 1852 in Bohemia
                                              Siblings: Brothers Joseph 1874, James 1885, Frank 1888, 
                                                          half brother Mathias 1869.
                                              Born: February, 1892 in Portage County, Wisconsin, later Millidore 
                                              Marriage: 1910
                                              Died::  February 25, 1949

                                            Children of Vincent and Margaret: 
                                            ........ Clement Kurz - 1912
                                            ........ Leon Kurz - 1913
                                            ........ Magdaline (Dolly)  Kurz - 1915
                                            ........ Francis Kurz - 1926

 Vincent married Margaret Prausa of Milladore at the age of 30 in 1910. They settled in a home of their own in Ladysmith where Vincent continued in the family meat and grocery business as well as participated and sponsored baseball teams. In future years, as the family grew, Vincent became a book keeper.

Margaret Prausa Kurz with two oldest children,
 Clement (standing) and Leon (center).
Ron Kurz Collection

Leon (standing), Clement and Magdaline (Dolly).

Ron Kurz Collection

Leon and Clement
in their "Knickerbocker" short pants.

Ron Kurz Collection

Left to right:
Leon, Dolly holding baby Francis,  Clement

Henry Kurz Collection

Margaret and Vincent Kurz
and friend.

Henry Kurz Collection

The couple had four children, Leon J., Clement H., Magdalena M. (Dolly) in the first 5 years and Francis C. who came nearly 12 years after Dolly. As adults Leon moved to Los Angeles, California; Clement lived in the Puyallup, State of Washington; Francis moved to Chicago, Illinois and Dolly married a local man, raising her children on a dairy farm near Ladysmith.

  Clement Kurz


Henry Kurz Collection

Henry Kurz Collection

      Leon Kurz


Leon Kurz

Henry Kurz Collection

Leon Kurz
Henry Kurz Collection

   Magdaline (Dolly) Kurz

Magdaline "Dolly" Kurz 
Henry Kurz Collection
Magdaline "Dolly" Kurz 
90th Birthday

Rita Neustifter Collection

Francis Kurz


Francis Kurz
Henry Kurz Collection

Vincent is remembered as having traveled to Kansas in the early 1950's. There he helped with the care of his older brother Jacob "Jake" Kurz at their home in Coldwater, Comanche County, during Jake's final illness. Jake was 89 years old at the time of his death in 1951. Vincent was a widower of 70 years old at the time. He was continuing in the family tradition of caring for each other when it was needed.

In the 51 years that Vincent lived in Ladysmith he was a businessman book keeper and active in the community. His community involvement included being a volunteer fireman, working to establish St. Mary's Hospital and the building of a parochial school in Ladysmith.

Above: Hospital at Ladysmith
Left: Our Lady Of Sorrows Parochial School

Margaret passed away on February 25, 1949 and Vincent passed away on August 28, 1953. They are buried at Riverside Cemetery, Ladysmith, Rusk County, Wisconsin.

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