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Kurz Main Page
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Peter Joseph Kurz Ahnentafel Page
in Europe
Researched and contributed by descendant
Mary Ferm

Weber Family In Europe Page

The Weber family married into the Kurz family.
Researched and contributed by descendant
Mary Ferm

Magnus Family In Europe Page

The Magnus family married into the Kurz family.
Researched and contributed by descendant
Mary Ferm

Gies Family In Europe Page

The Gies(en) family married into the Magnus family.
Researched and contributed by descendant
Mary Ferm

Ody Family In Europe Page

The Ody family married into the Weber family.
Researched and contributed by descendant
Mary Ferm

Kurz Europe to America

Chapter 1 - 
The Kurz Family In Europe
Coming Soon.


Chapter 2 

Father -
Peter Joseph Kurz Sr. 


his wife Catherine Bibelahusen Kurz 


Chapter 3 

Philipp Joseph "Joe" Kurz


Chapter 4 

John Kurz

The Good Old Days 
Written by 
Daisy Kurz Schuman - daughter of John Kurz


Chapter 5 

Katherine Kurz Maiers Murray


Chapter 6 

Jacob "Jake" Kurz
Daughters' Pages:
The Mable Kurz Parker and Beeley Families
The Rosa Marie Kurz Oller Family 
The Ethel May Kurz Swaim Family

Chapter 7 

Veronica "Fronnie" Kurz Holl

Chapter 8 

Antone "Anton" Kurz

Chapter 9 

Peter Joseph "Pete" Kurz Jr.

Chapter 9 
Josephine Kurz

Chapter 11 

C: 1890
Henry Louis Kurz

Chapter 12 

Vincent "Vince" Kurz



Kurz Family

Dedicated to all those
who came before us. 

Ancestor     -    Descendant Contributor

Katherine Kurz Maiers Murray - Mary Ferm 
and Louie Oatman
Veronica Kurz Holl - Rita Neustifter
Jake Kurz - Jeanie Beeley 
Peter Kurz Jr. - Jerry and Shirley Eagan
Anton Kurz - Ron Kurz
Henry Louis Kurz - Henry Kurz

Peter Joseph Kurz 1820 - 1898
Katherine Bibelhausen  wife  1835 - 1915
Philipp Joseph "Joe" Kurz - son  1856 - 1915
John Kurz - son 1859 - 1931
Katherine Kurz  - daughter 1860 - 1909
Jacob Kurz  - son  1862 - 1951
Veronica  Kurz - daughter 1865 - 1947
Antone Kurz - son 1867 - 1943
Peter Joseph Kurz - son 1870 - 1934
Josephine Kurz - daughter  1872 - 1929
Henry  Louis Kurz - son 1878 - 1947
Vincent Kurz - son  1880 - 1953



The Kurz family is being carefully researched back into the 1600's in the Rheinland of Europe, now called Germany. What has been discovered so far is include. Each generation was a reflection of their own time in history. Within these pages is the story that follows this family down to the first generation of American born ancestors. 

The journey takes us from Europe to the United States Port of New York. Then on to Wisconsin where the whole first American generation began as pioneers in the northeastern wilderness before Wisconsin became a state. From there we follow some of that generation to Oregon, Kansas, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Wyoming and Minnesota, while others remained in early Wisconsin. Each person established their own family business whether it was a farm, ranch, general store, grocery, meat retail, cattle ranch or orchard. One member often helping another to get started. Keeping in touch with each other through letters and photographs to share their lives. They lived for the future, using their family traditions. 

The descendant contributors have made every effort for accuracy. This is the beginning project of an ongoing effort to bring our family heritage back together. We realize that most of us are only human, so there will be a continued need to correct and add to this project, hopefully with your help. We also hope you enjoy this first offering. And we invite, and strongly encourage, you to sit down and add your own descendant chapters to this beginning, for your own family. Do it now and give a wonderful gift to those who come after you, by letting them know you care. 

We offer our best to you, 

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